Video tutorial for making “Acharuli khachapuri” posted by “Washington Post”
30 August, 2014
A video guide to making “Acharuli khachapuri” was published by well-known American newspaper, the “Washington Post” web-site. The video is accompanied by a description “Khachapuri is basically a buttery pizza, with egg and a lot more cheese.” Within 12 hours of being published, the video accumulated over 2000 “likes” and up to 300 comments, both Georgian and foreign.
Executive chef John Paul Damato uses various cheeses in making the Georgian dish – mozzarella, ricotta and feta, admitting that Georgians use suluguni
cheese, which is unavailable in America because “we don’t have their cows and we don’t have their soil”.
After the dish is done, Damato adds a variety of spices, creating an American version of a traditional Georgian dish.

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