Chvishtari – Bake perfect Georgian Cornbread with Cheese
26 February, 2015
Chvishtari is a traditional dish from Svaneti, the beautiful mountainous region of Georgia. It is based on the mchadi (Georgian cornbread) recipe with the addition of the main ingredient, cheese, inside it. Some use Sulguni cheese to bake chvishtari but usually the choice of cheese depends on your taste.


300g of corn flour
200g of cheese
Warm water or milk


Gradually add warm water or milk to coarsely ground corn flour until you get
dough similar to mchadi dough in consistency. Add grated/finely sliced salty cheese and mix again.
Make small oval flapjacks and fry them on both sides with a well-oiled frying pan. Serve hot.
You might come across many different versions of this recipe: some recommend a bit of farina, some might tell you to add a pinch of baking soda or to put a whole slice of cheese inside the flapjacks instead of grating them, others suggest adding 1-2 eggs or some matsoni to the mix.

იხილეთ რეცეპტი ქართულად

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