Kharcho – Meat in creamy walnut sauce
13 November, 2014
Walnut Kharcho is a spicy Mingrelian dish which is popular in western Georgia. This delicious heavy soup may be prepared from beef, chicken or duck meat, depending on taste. Here the main role is played by the creamy walnut sauce ideally mixed with different spices. Walnut Kharcho is well served with Mingrelian garnishes: Ghomi, Mchadi and Elarji.


1 kg Beef
300 g Tomatoes
2 onions
1 tbsp utskho suneli (dried spices)
1/4 tsp saffron
1 tbsp dried coriander
cloves garlic
30 g Tomato paste
400 gr walnuts
2 tbsp corn flour
100 g butter
Salt, red pepper – to taste


Blend the walnuts finely. Get the spices ready.
Chop the meat into small pieces.
Chop onions finely.
Parboil the tomatoes, skim and take out the seeds.
Mix the chopped tomatoes in a blender.
Add butter and onions to the meat. Sauté for about 20-25 minutes. When sautéed, add tomatoes.
Add some water to the stewed meat and keep stewing on middle heat.
Sprinkle saffron, dried coriander, utskho suneli (dried spices), red pepper, salt, corn flour, add water and mix.
Mix the walnut mass in blender.
When the meat is boiled well, add the walnut mass and stir. When it boils up add pepper, garlic, and vinegar, salt and bring to boil again.

Sprinkle Kharcho with walnut oil when serving.

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