Matsoni - Exquisite Georgian yogurt
31 January, 2015
Matsoni is a Georgian fermented milk product, very similar to yogurt. Mostly it is made from cow’s milk. Matsoni is excellent sweetened with a bit of honey or served over fruit. It's a favorite in savory dishes, too!


500 ml of milk
1 tbsp of matsoni


If you don’t have access to matsoni to use as a base, use sour cream instead. You will be able to use your own matsoni in the future.
Boil raw milk and
then let it stand until it is cool to the touch. Add matsoni/sour cream and mix. Cover the pot and wrap it in a warm blanket for 3-4 hours. Then take it out and put it in the fridge.
Always save at least a tablespoon of matsoni for future batches. If your matsoni ended up tasting sour, add less of it when making it anew to prevent the new batches from turning out the same way.