Shkmeruli: Juicy fried chicken in garlic sauce
09 March, 2015
With this video recipe you will easily learn how to cook the delicious and even cherished Georgian chicken dish Shkmeruli. Chicken in a special spicy garlic sauce becomes even more delicious if cooked in a clay pan “Ketsi”.

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რეცეპტის ქართული ვერსია


800g to 1kg chicken
1tbsp of mashed garlic
250ml of milk (1 cup)
Black paper


Gut and clean
the chicken, cut it lengthwise, sprinkle both sides with salt and black paper.

Put the chicken on its back in a well-oiled frying pan and set the temperature to make the skin quickly turn golden. Cover the chicken with a special cast iron lid. The diameter of the lid should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the frying pan in order to ensure that the chicken is flattened by it. If you don’t have such a lid, any other will do, just put a heavy object on top of it.

After 6-7 minutes, check the skin to see if it is sufficiently golden and crispy, turn it over, squeeze it with the lid again and turn down the temperature slightly.

Take the roasted chicken from the frying pan, cut it into pieces and put them on a baking tray. Mix mashed garlic with the grease left in the frying pan. You can also add coriander to your taste. Make sure that the garlic is juicy, meaning that it should be prepared with a garlic masher rather than sliced with a knife.

Fry the resulting paste lightly, taking care not to burn it. When it slightly changes color, pour in a glass of milk (if you don’t like milk, use water or 10% cream); boil it for a couple of minutes and then pour it all over the chicken.

You can bake the chicken in the oven for a few minutes afterwards, but it is not necessary.

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