Argo – a cozy Georgian bakery in Chicago
11 March, 2015
As famous Russian poet A. Pushkin once said “Every Georgian dish is a poem”

Argo bakery is a Georgian café-bakery in Chicago, USA. This wonderful bakery from the Golden Fleece country has been operating for 15 years, providing its customers with fresh Georgian bread (lavash) from its unique round oven, called a “tone”. People from all over the Midwest travel to Argo to try freshly baked (Khachapuri) , bread with a cheese filling, as well as other delicious Georgian dishes.

“The Georgian culinary tradition is a celebration of the robust and joyous Georgian people and their fertile, radiant land. Georgian cuisine is filled with tempting dishes that reflect the diversity of the land, the generosity of the Georgian table, the influences of the generations of successive invaders, and centuries of traditions. At Argo bakery, with our team of top notch Georgian cooks, we try to bring that cuisine to the city of Chicago through our catering menu. We aim to show the transcendent flavors of Georgian food, which we know you will savor with great passion.

Argo bakery has maintained an effort to bring staples of the Georgian cuisine to the Midwest and to create Georgian baked goods and dumplings (hinkali), in the same style they are made in Georgia. We are taking this effort and turning it towards catering to Chicago with a full menu of Georgian dishes.” –Reports the official website of Argo bakery.

Chekhohbili-Chicken with tomatoes
The café-bakery offers its guest a wide variety of traditional Georgian dishes such as: different kinds of pkhali, (appetizer from spinach and other vegetables), satsivi (chicken or turkey in walnut sauce), khachapuri and lobiani (baked goods) as well as delicious Georgian sauces: tkemali and adjika.
If you feel nostalgic for Georgia and its cuisine in the far west, simply drop in on this amazing bakery.

Kupati- Homemade Georgian Sausage and Chanakhi - Stewed vegetables and meat

Georgian bread