Adjaruli Khachapuri among D.C.’s most essential dishes of 2015
13 March, 2015
The Washington post has published a list of D.C.’s most essential dishes of 2015. Among these world classics one can see the beloved and famous Georgian dish, adjaruli khachapuri.

“Walk through Compass Rose, and it’s impossible not to notice this dish on nearly every table, a cheese-and-egg-filled canoe that looks so good it practically beckons you to order it, too. That’s the Georgian delicacy khachapuri.

The dough is filled with ricotta, feta and mozzarella, baked, then presented at your table
piping hot, with a heart-stopping pat of butter and runny egg. “I’m almost embarrassed by how many times I’ve had it,” wrote Lacy Smith of the District. “It’s so rich and warm and delicious.”- Reports The Washington Post .

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