Ajika sauce – Very Georgian and very spicy
24 March, 2015
Ajika is a hot and spicy Georgian sauce, which originated in Samegrelo and Abkhazia regions. The main ingredients are red pepper, garlic and dried spices, although there are many variations. It is a perfect addition to fish and meat as well as dishes containing potatoes, beans and tomatoes. Through this short video one will easily learn how to make ajika at home.


1kg of chili peppers
400g of garlic
100g of coriander
tbsp of dried summer savory
3 tbsp of ground dried coriander
100 ml of vinegar
50 ml of oil
50g of salt


Remove seeds from dry papers. Run the peppers, walnuts, garlic and coriander through a meat grinder, add salt and remaining ingredients to the mix and stir everything into consistent paste. When the ajika is ready, store it in a glass jar and refrigerate. Serve the sauce with all your favorite meals. But be careful, it is extremely hot stuff.

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