Svanuri salt - The taste that you will never forget
30 April, 2015
Svanuri Marili (also known as Svanetian salt or simply Svan salt) is traditional spicy salt made in Svaneti, a mountainous region in the northwestern part of Georgia. Svanuri salt is very popular in Georgian cuisine and is widely used in many dishes. It is a mixture of salt, pepper and various spices that provide it with its trademark piquant flavor. It goes well with meat, salads, omelettes and fried potatoes. Tourists visiting Georgia frequently buy several packs to take home.
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1kg of coarse salt
300g of garlic
1/4 cup of crushed dried coriander
2/3 cup of dried seasoning
1/4 cup of saffron
5-7 red hot peppers


Peel the garlic and clear the red peppers of seeds.
Let garlic and pepper through the meat grinder. Add salt, spices and let the mixture through the meat grinder again.
Store the salt in an airtight glass jar.