Five yummy trademarks of Megrelian cuisine
08 May, 2015
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Georgian cuisine offers a variety of dishes with various herbs and spices. Each historical province of Georgia has its own distinct culinary tradition. In this case we present the most outstanding dishes of Megrelian cusine, of western Georgia. The Samegerlo region is proud of its wide variety of spicy and hot dishes. The secrets of Megrelian cuisine has been passed on from generation to generation. Once you visit Georgia don’t forget to taste following dishes:

-cuisine/28409-elarji-cornmeal-with-stretchy-sulguni-cheese.html" target="_blank">Elarji - one variety of ghomi with cheese added during boiling. Samegrelo is famous for vast variety of cheese, among which the most famous are: sulguni, smoked sulguni, gebzhlia (seasoned with mint cheese) and others.
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