Adjarian halva – A treat that melts in the mouth
13 May, 2015
This is a very easy recipe for Adjarian halva. However, it does not resemble the store bought type, yet it is extremely delicious and tender . This treat is usually made in Adjara, the seaside region of Georgia.


500 grams of white corn flour (you can use half corn flour and half all purpose flour)
250 grams of butter
370 grams of sugar
370 ml of water


Sift the flour. Put butter and flour in a pan and
fry until it becomes golden-brown.

Add half of the sugar to the mixture and blend well. Make syrup from the other half. Add the sugar to boiling water and stir to get syrup. Let the syrup cool down and pour into the pan.

Blend the mass well until the dough is elastic and smooth. Make little balls, let them stand for 2-3 hours and they are ready to eat.

These sweet treats will simply melt in your mouth.