Peace Corps Georgia volunteer makes khinkali for her family in the U.S.
25 September, 2015
It is impossible to try Georgian dishes and not to fall in love with this incredibly delicious cuisine. Here is yet another example that serves as a testimony to that. The Facebook page of Peace Corps Georgia has published photos depicting how its former volunteer is making Georgian dishes at home, in America.

“Look, what an awesome job our Returned Volunteer, Melissa did to make her family fall in love with Georgian cuisine. Here is Melissa and her brother cooking
some of her favorite Georgian dishes: Mtsvadi, eggplants with walnuts, Chvishtari and even, Khinkali! What a beautiful Supra you have put together, Melissa!”, we can read on the Facebook page of Peace Corps Georgia.

Melissa's brother cuts dough in a shape for Khinkali.

Georgian Khinkali in America!

Georgian Supra with Georgian wine.

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