“Amazingly delicious start to my adventure” – Famous American Chef excited with Georgian cuisine in Tbilisi
19 October, 2015
A well-known American chef, Ben Ford, was invited to Georgia by American Embassy. Mr. Ford has personally tasted Georgian cuisine and couldn’t hide his emotions. Later he uploaded his culinary adventures to his Facebook page, along with the photos taken in Tbilisi:

“Amazingly delicious start to my adventure at Cafe Leila with Chef Ilia Benashvili in the Republic of #Georgia and the first of many #feasts. So much flavor.

Gebzhalia - mint cheese balls in yogurt sauce and grits
Livio Imerulad
- slow cooked beans in a clay pot with corn bread and pickles
Vegetarian Kharcho - eggplants and zucchini in walnut and pomegranate sauce
Gobi - assortment of pkhali with walnuts, cheese, Jonjoli (beet, sulguni cheese, fresh cheese with mint, smoked sulguni, green beans with walnut, eggplant with walnut, brown bean with walnut)
Traditional Georgian Salad”
“Anchiskhati Church is the oldest church in Tbilisi constructed during the reign of Dacha Udzharmeli, the successor of Vakhtang Gorgasali, in the 4th century. It was a friendly intimate little church not built to intimidate.”
“After dinner stroll down a beautiful and relaxing path on the Tsavkisistskali River, commonly referred to as Leghvtakhevi or fig gorge located in the Bath District (Abanotubani) of Tbilisi’s Old Town.”