Khinkali holder – An easy way from plate to stomach
30 October, 2015
Some time ago I came across a really strange but original ad in the Sitkva da Sakme (Word and Deed) newspaper and it inspired me to write this article. I dialed the number indicated in the ad and visited its author at home. The 64-year-old inventor introduced himself by a pseudonym “Giorgi Tbiliseli”. He is a historian. Since childhood, he was interested in inventing various gadgets, and although his life took a different turn, apparently he still pursues his hobby.

Giorgi Tbiliseli:

“I’m a historian, have even published several books. From the very childhood, my dream was to become an inventor. Although I didn’t achieve that goal immediately, I made my dream come true at the age of 64 – I invented a khinkali holder. It’s a utensil tgeotv.gehat will rid any khinkali-lover of the discomfort inherent in handling the dish. Eating khinkali with a fork or with one’s hands is unwieldy. I always wanted to invent something that would help out with that and I think I’ve succeeded. Both ends of this utensil are fork-like and joined to each other. When picking up a khinkali, you have to grab it by the “tail” – the protruding doughy part.

The lock is the main part here; it allows holding the dumpling firmly.

As for the design, my main aim was its usability, not appearance. This object was used for years for other purposes. I changed its shape and added a lock.

The photos of my invention had quickly spread on social media and generated quite a bit of feedback. Several restaurants have already contacted me. I’ve submitted the project application to GeoPatent and am currently waiting for affirmation. I think a khinkali holder, aside from being unique, will also prove a practical piece of equipment; moreover, it’s made from stainless steel.

So, if one day you see this utensil brought together with forks and knives to the table, don’t be taken aback – it is used to hold a national Georgian dish.”

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