Georgian restaurant “Vai Me” opens in Budapest
01 December, 2015
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A new Georgian restaurant named Vai Me (Georgian interjection expressing surprise/excitement, similar to “oh my god ”) opened in Budapest. The chain of Georgian fast food cafes in Budapest is run by a Georgian married couple. The restaurant’s menu offers about 80 different dishes to its customers including eggplant rolls with walnut, achma (Georgian pastry with cheese), lobiani (red bean pie), and various sorts of pkhali (herbs with walnut and spices) with a modern twist. If
you miss Georgian distinct flavors, then definitely stop there for lunch or dinner, since the meals are prepared with Georgian cuisine’s trademark ingredients: saffron, garlic, coriander and other spices. Vai Me is excellent for office workers of the area as it operates in a self-service system and provides fresh and authentic dishes in a very short time. The restaurant can seat around 120 people.
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