Traditional Georgian supra brought to the United States
12 January, 2016
Once you try Georgian dishes you will not be able to forget their distinct flavor and taste. Many foreigners, who have visited Georgia for different purposes, be it for work or just for travelling, one of the main things they took back to their countries is their impressions of delicious Georgian food. Some of them have even learned the recipes and took local ingredients and spices back home. The Facebook page
of Peace Corps Georgia has published photos depicting one of its volunteers cooking traditional Georgians dishes for her family.

“Look at the wonderful supra (feast) that our Volunteer Kaitlin put together for her American family back home. Guess where she learned how to make Khinkali (Georgian dumpling), mchadi (corn bread) and Baklava for desert? – with her host family in Georgia, of course!”, Peace Corps Georgia reports on its Facebook account.

Baklava, sweet pastry filled with chopped nuts
Making khinkali , Georgian dumplings
Traditional Georgian supra (feast table) and national dishes

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