Delicious Georgian appetizer – Jonjoli
28 March, 2016
Georgian cuisine offers a wide variety of vegetarian meals made with various herbs and spices, not only hearty meat dishes. Jonjoli is one of the Georgian appetizers. In particular, these are pickled sprouts from a bush that grows in the area. Jonjoli is consumed in various ways, sometimes it’s mixed with olive oil or with other pickled vegetables such as cucumber, pepper or tomatoes. The appetizer goes well with Lobio, Georgian bean soup as well as with boiled potatoes or
simply with Georgian corn bread mchadi together with cheese.

This is how Jonjoli plant looks like before being pickled

Pickled jonjoli – 500 g
Vinegar – 2tspn
Oil - 2tspn (better use unrefined sunflower oil)
Onion – 100 g
Coriander and salt to taste


Pour oil and vinegar over jonjoli. Add tiny onion rings and chopped coriander to your taste and gently mix. This salad made from jonjoli goes well with fried dishes.

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