12 Dishes That Will Make You Addicted to Georgian Cuisine
25 April, 2016
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A popular travel website named describes 12 Georgian dishes that will make one addicted to Georgian cuisine. Here is what the article says:"Yes, of course, addictions are bad. They interfere with your freedom, don’t they? But sometimes… sometimes they’re not only inevitable, but also feel so good. Luckily, Georgian cuisine as an addiction is a lesser evil. It’s healthy, affordable and to be found in a country so wonderful that once you get there, you
will have plentiful reasons to believe you’ve ended up in paradise. Not only food in Georgia is heavenly, but also the views, music and atmosphere. Besides, Georgians don’t eat for the sake of getting their bellies full. They enjoy each bite of their food and thus make eating an important part of their culture. Their hospitality, just as their cooking skills, is beyond ordinary.

Georgia, located in Caucasus, used to be hard to reach, but nowadays the country’s slowly becoming more popular amongst travelers. Thanks to cheap flights from several European cities, you can include it in your Eurotrip itinerary. Nevertheless, Georgia also deserves being a destination on its own – you can spend weeks traveling around the country and getting constantly surprised.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a list of 12 Georgian dishes that will clear up your doubts.

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