How to make Adjarian Khachapuri at home
01 June, 2016
Adjaruli Khachapuri is another version of Georgian cheese bread. The dish originated in the seaside region of Georgia, Adjara. This kind of khachapuri has a boat-like shape and is served with a fresh egg in the middle of cheese along with a generous chunk of butter on the top.

In order to cook Adjaruli khachapuri you will definitely need fresh, high-quality cheese to start with.
Here we present a splendid video from a Georgian cook in Batumi. Here is the
standard recipe.

Video courtesy of InfoBatumi.Ge


(Serves 4)
For Dough: 1 kg flour; 15-20 g dried yeast; 120 ml warm milk or water; 50 ml oil 1 tsp salt 2 egg yolks;
For stuffing: 4 eggs; 1200 g grated cheese (Sulguni, Imeretian cheese or mozzarella); 70 g butter to spread on top.


Pour warm milk into the bowl and add yeast.
Add flour and salt after about 10-15 minutes and knead soft dough.
Cover the bowl with cloth and put in a warm
place to allow the dough to rise.
When dough rises grease your hands with oil and knead the dough again; it gets oxidized and becomes softer.
Divide the risen dough into 300 gr.-balls.
Roll out each ball. Place some cheese at the edges of the rolled out sheet of dough.
Turn up the edges of the dough sheet from both sides.
Crimp the edges well.
Put cheese in the middle, place it on the sheet and bake it in the oven at high temperature.
When the top is fried well, take Khachapuri out of the oven, break and pour an egg in the middle. If you leave it in the oven, the egg becomes lightly boiled. Put a piece of butter in the middle of baked Khachapuri and serve.

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