Inside Abkhazian house – What do locals eat?
07 July, 2016
An interesting article has been published by that depicts Abkhazian lifestyle and the traditional dishes that make up daily eating routine of an Abkhazian local family. Abkhazia is Georgia’s north-western breakaway region, yet it is still considered internationally an integral part of Georgia, the customs, traditions and cuisine they share serve as a proof of that. The images feature traditional Abkhazian one-floor house named Apatskha, constructed from wood. Such type of houses have spread widely across
the region since the second half of 19th century. As a rule, similarly to other typical Georgian houses, the fireplace in Abkhazian-style house was located in the centre, where the food was prepared and family members usually gathered. Above the fire, huge pieces of meat were hung on hooks in order to get smoked. Near the meat chili peppers and other herbs were hung, so that the meat could get the spicy flavor. The technique of smoking meat in this way is preserved till today in Abkhazian families. Abkhazians usually enjoy fried or boiled meat together with traditional corn meal Ghomi, known under the name of Mamaliga in Abkhazia. In addition, quite a widespread Abkhazian dish that goes well with Ghomi is a salad made of smashed green beans mixed with walnuts and spices. And of course famous Adjika sauce prepared with garlic, chili peppers and spices occupies special place at Abkhazian dining table. This spicy sauce is widespread throughout Georgia and it is thought that it helps to digest food.

Fried smoked meat

Ghomi/ Mamaliga

Green bean salad with walnuts

Adjika sauce

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