Refreshing and spicy Georgian matsoni sauce
26 July, 2016
Mastoni is a Georgian unsweetened yogurt that could be consumed on its own as well as with honey, jam, nuts or one can make a delicious and healthy dressing for various salads,vegetables or grilled meat. Here we present to you an extremely easy recipe of matsoni dressing that can easily replace mayonnaise or other store-bought sauces.


2tbsp of matsoni (Georgian unsweetened yogurt)
10ml fresh lime juice
10 grams of lemon zest
8 grams
of ground red pepper
12 grams of salt
4 grams of smashed garlic
10 grams of narsharab (Pomegranate sauce)
40 grams of pomegranate seeds
30 grams of pine nut

Strain yogurt, use cheese cloth or a coffee filter and leave the yogurt for several hours, better for one night. As a result you will get one tbsp yogurt with thicker consistency. Place the strained yogurt into a separate bowl, add spices, salt, lemon zest, smashed garlic, lime juice and gently mix up. Pour the sauce into another bowl, pour narsharab sauce over it and serve with pomegranate seeds and pine nuts. The sauce is ideal to consume with lettuce salad, cucumbers, fried chicken, grilled vegetables, corn chips or any type of other dish.

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