Cabbage with walnut and spices
29 July, 2016
Georgian cuisine is famous for a big number of appetizers, in particular with various types of pkhali, Georgian salad made from spinach or beetroot leaves, beetroot and even from cabbage seasoned with walnuts and spices. Although spinach pkhali is most popular with locals and tourists, once you taste cabbage prepared in this way, you will be immediately captivated.


Cabbage – 1,5 kg
Walnuts – 300 g
Garlic – 3-5 cloves
One onion
Dried coriander – half tsp
Khmeli suneli (traditional
Georgian spice mix) – half tsp
Vinegar – one tbsp
Salt/ pepper to taste
Pomegranate seeds

Boil chopped cabbage. Blend walnuts, garlic and onion in a blender or grind through the meat grinder. Add salt, vinegar and spices to the walnut paste. Grind boiled cabbage in the grinder as well and drain it well in order to remove extra juice. Mix up walnut and cabbage paste together. Serve the dish with pomegranate seeds. Refrigerate pkhali and consume it cold, either with a tomato-cucumber salad, or spread the paste over mchadi (Georgian corn bread), or lavash (Georgian flat bread).

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