Georgian sulguni listed among 46 mouth-watering types of cheese around the world
07 September, 2016
Westminster Cheddar, one of the oldest handcrafted cheeses, produced by the Barber Family and exported worldwide has published the list of 46 mouth-watering types of cheese of the world. It is noteworthy, that among famous Cheddar, Feta, Gouda and other world-famous cheese types there is also Georgia’s soft and tender Sulguni. Here is what the article says:

“Here at Westminster we love nothing better than sharing our passion for cheese! With inspiring tastes from Portuguese mountains and Spanish islands, to
small Dutch cities and those created here in the US, we’ve got the ultimate list of all types of cheese from all kinds of places!

Sulguni – Georgia
With similarities in texture to mozzarella and bocconcini, the springy Sulguni preserves a salty, rustic flavor, its melting consistency making it perfect as almost anything – whether that be as a table cheese, salad ingredient, antipasto or dressings!

Cheddar – England
Known best for its creamy and sharp flavor, cheddar cheese is an artisan, aged cheese which at Westminster Cheddar we lovingly craft at our farm in Somerset, England. Our premium old-age cheddar comes as vintage, or in our distinctive oak-smoked variety, as well as in other gorgeous varieties all created in the beautiful, natural environments our part of England boasts with such pride! There’s no cheese quite like old English cheddar. Find out where you can buy it in the USA Where to buy Westminster Cheddar.

Feta – Greece

Famous for its use of goat’s milk, Feta is a salty, tangy cheese that can be either soft and creamy or crumbly dry, dependent on age. You know the drill… serve in salad with olive oil, nuts and roasted peppers and crack open the Sauvignon Blanc!

Gouda (smoked cheese) – Netherlands
Named after the Dutch city of Gouda, this artisan smoked cheese boasts a creamy interior with a buttery, crumbly texture, perfectly complimenting dark chocolate and beer so it’s been said! Suits us!

Parmesan – Italy
Considered a ‘top cheese’ by cheese connoisseurs, true Parmesan is hard, gritty, and nutty in taste. Although primarily known finely grated over pasta dishes, Parmesan is also gorgeous eaten on its own!

Camembert – France

Known best in its gorgeous baked variety, Camembert is aromatically delicious, with hints of creamy mushroom and earthy, nutty flavors.

Gruyère – Switzerland
Named after the Swiss town in which it was first made, Gruyère is rich and creamy with a slightly nutty aroma, making for a tasty melting cheese; being one of two main cheeses traditionally found in the fondue recipe.

Oscypeck – Poland
Produced using salted sheep’s milk, this Polish smoked cheese is one to try simply for its decorative back-story. Made first into cottage cheese, Oscypeck is pressed into wooden spindles of varying patterns – we think this would make an impressive addition to your dinner party!", - The article reads.

See full list here

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