Perfect combination – Ajapsandali paired with Chvishtari
14 September, 2016
Ajapsandali (Georgian dish made with tomatoes and eggplant similar to ratatouille) and chvishtari (Georgian cornbread with cheese) are two popular Georgian dishes that pair each other perfectly. Here we present to you slightly different versions of each dish.

Ajapsandali preparation:

1kg eggplants
750g sweet peppers
200g bulb onions
250g tomatoes
50g tomato paste
Salt to taste
1 clove of garlic
100 ml sunflower oil
10g ajika, hot pepper sauce
50g coriander
10g basil or red rubin basil

Cut eggplant and
pepper in medium size cubes and fry in oily pan. Meanwhile finely chop onions and tomatoes and fry them together in separate pan. Mix all the ingredients, add tomato paste and simmer cook for 5 minutes. Finally add chopped greens, garlic and ajika sauce to the mixture. Cook ajapsandali for additional 5-10 minutes at low heat.

Chvishtari preparation:

200g corn flour
2 eggs
200g sour cream
100g manie flour
400g mix of sulguni and imeruli cheeses
10g baking powder
Sunflower oil for frying

Mix up corn flour, manie, eggs, sour cream, baking powder and grated cheese together. Shape balls from the dough, each 3-4 centimeter in thickness and fry in oily pan until golden brown. You can either place ajapsanadali on the top of chvishtari and eat in this way, or place it in the oven pour grated cheese and when it melts serve. In case you are vegan or on fast, you can prepare ordinary mchadi (Georgian cornbread) with water and cornflower.