Georgian tkemali among 15 sauces from around the world you should try
15 September, 2016
Georgian tkemali sauce, fresh sour-sweet plum sauce that simply cannot be compared to any sauce across the world, has already become the favorite dressing for many, that pairs well almost with any type of dish. Simply pour tkemai sauce over fried potatoes, stewed or roasted meat, various vegetables or even your scrambled egg and it will ultimately transfer your meal into a heavenly delicious dish.There are several types of tkemali, red, green and yellow, some of them sour or semi
sweet. Recently, tkemali has been listed among the world’s best sauces that one should try by one American website and here is what is says:

“Americans love their sauces. But if you’re looking for a slightly different way to dip, season, marinate, or just add some extra kick to your food, you owe it to yourself to try one or more of these international selections.

This plum sauce is the equivalent of ketchup for many Georgians (the country, not the state). Sour and tangy—The Kitchn calls it “a cross between ketchup and chutney”—it’s often served with potato dishes and meats, and mixed in with stews. The flavor profile varies based on the ripeness of the plums being used, from tart green plums to milder red ones.

Tkemali and Georgian dish Ojakhuri (roasted meat, potato and onions)



Sriracha fans should try this Indonesian favorite that combines peppers, herbs, citrus, and fish sauce. Traditionally made with a mortar and pestle, it’s chunkier and less acidic than many southeast Asian hot sauces while still packing a mean punch.

Brazilians enjoy this versatile sauce as a marinade, as a seasoning, and as a dip for vegetables and grilled meats. It’s known as a hot sauce, but you can vary the heat to your liking while still retaining the fresh, flavorful taste. Try it with a hearts of palm salad and a New Orleans twist courtesy of Chef Emeril Lagasse.

The English know how to do savory, and this sauce, made with redcurrant jelly, butter, flour, and red wine, is a great accompaniment for any pot roast, rack of lamb or pork dish. British chef Delia Smith has a spot-on recipe that adds in mustard powder and Worcestershire sauce. Pour it over meat like gravy, and tuck in.


This chutney is a staple in many Indian households, where it often accompanies snacks like samosas and pakoras. Try it as a dipping sauce, or as a spread for a veggie sandwich. It’s easy to make, and has a refreshing, mild spice profile."

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