Omelette with fried sulguni and Georgian bread
16 September, 2016
If you want to make your breakfast staple tastier and more filling, then try this easy recipe that includes Georgian tender cheese sulguni and turn your morning into a little feast.


200 g Sulguni
4 eggs
50g butter
Red chili pepper
4–5 springs of coriander
Salt to taste
Georgian bread tonis puri, or shoti and butter for serving


Cut sulguni in medium size cubes, 1-1,5 centimeter thickness. Fry sulguni on a pan at maxim heat until golden brown.
Turn pieces of sulguni and instantly add pieces of butter to the pan. Pour eggs over sulguni, lower the heat to minimum, cover with lid and fry until egg white is well cooked.
Tear bread in big pieces, so that inner part of bread is open. Slightly spread bread with butter and roast in the oven at high temperature until golden brown. Garnish fried egg with finely chopped coriander and serve with roasted Georgian bread.