Bruschetta with sulguni cheese and sweet tomatoes
23 September, 2016
Culinary is a sort of magic, since by combining different products and recipes, as a result,you can get the most delicious and a mouth-watering dish. Italian bruschetta prepared with tender Georgian sulguni cheese and sweet local tomatoes, serves as proof of this theory. So don’t be afraid of experimenting with recipes and different products, because you never know what you get in the end.


Freshly ground black pepper
Two big ripe tomatoes
Olive oil
200g slightly salty sulguni cheese
(similar to mozzarella but more salty)
Two cloves of garlic
One ciabatta or other sort of bread


Cut bread in slices ,1,5 centimeters in thickness, and brush well with olive oil on both sides. Roast bread in the oven or on the grill until golden-brown crust is formed. Meanwhile cut tomatoes in medium size slices and season with pepper. Cut sulguni cheese in thin slices as well. Clean garlic and grate over roasted bread, (hold bread with towel or napkin, since it is hot). Place tomato on bread, then cheese and let it cook in the grill or in the oven(use the top heat only) so that cheese is melted well over tomatoes. Serve bruschetta with sulguni warm. You can garnish bruschetta with fresh basil to your taste.

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