Soufflé with sulguni cheese - Incomparable dish
26 September, 2016
Soufflé is a popular French dish/dessert, prepared in various ways. Here we suggest a version of soufflé prepared with Georgian sulguni cheese.


50 g butter
4 eggs
One teaspoon ground paprika
4 marinated hot peperoni peppers
400 g sulguni cheese
Salt to taste
200 g sliced tomatoes


Brush bak
ing molds with butter and place grated or sliced sulguni cheese in each of them. Place sliced tomatoes over cheese and grate rest of the butter over them. Place cups in the oven preheated at 220 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Meanwhile beat eggs, add salt and paprika. Put one peperoni pepper in each mold and pour with beaten egg. Grate little bit of butter over each soufflé and bake in the oven for 10-12 at same temperature. When soufflé turns golden-brown take it out from the oven. Serve the dish warm. You can add different leftovers to the soufflé as well, be it fried chicken, ham, sausage or vegetables.

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