How Georgian restaurant in Warsaw amazed Poland by feeding an old lady
29 September, 2016
The restaurant “Rusiko”, where 5 Georgians are employed currently, was opened in Warsaw, Poland, on April 9, 2015, by Davit Turkestanishvili. Davit’s mother, Rusiko, is the namesake and the head chef in the restaurant, which was named as The Best Restaurant of the Year last February, surpassing one Italian and three Polish restaurants.

A few days ago, “Rusiko” made headlines once again. Rusiko Turkestanishvili tells the story:

“One day, we saw a very old woman, who walked into our restaurant.
She was incredibly pale. So I went up to her and asked if she was okay. She said she wanted to take a rest. Then I asked if she was hungry and she said no, but I thought she was too shy to admit it. So I asked the waiter to bring her a plate of Chakapuli and hot Khachapuri. From that day on, our old lady was coming quite often to rest and eat a little.

To tell you the truth, there are quite a lot of clients in our restaurant from the day we opened, but it’s been several days since something miraculous began to happen: scores of people are coming everyday and we are constantly overcrowded. It turned out one Polish lady saw that old woman, took photos of her and published on her Facebook page.
Here is what her post says:

Ana Koltunowicz: “A small and cozy restaurant on the noisy Wazdowska street. The tables are outside too. An old woman took the seat to take a rest. It looks like she does not feel well. There were clients sitting on that table. They did not like how the woman looked and moved to another place. Suddenly, a waiter came along, smiling, and brings some beans soup and lavash. The woman eats with pleasure and asks the waiter: “When shall I pay?” The waiter smiles again and answers: “When? Someday, maybe” and then he puts a cup of tea in front of her.

This was not a dream. It was a reality and it is a pity that you cannot see such moments in Polish restaurants. Thanks to “Rusiko”.

The comments are also very interesting:

“Thank you, Rusiko, for such a humane gesture.”

“Is it a Georgian restaurant? Well, everything is clear now. They look at the people not as clients but as their guests.”
Rusiko Turkestanishvili says that now they receive lots of letters and posts on their Facebook page. “Many more people come now and they all say thanks. There even was an article in one of the internet magazines and a TV company is now interested in making a story about us,” she says adding: “Of course we are proud to be so famous now, but for us, Georgians, helping the old and poor is normal”.

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