Rare flavor - Mushroom with tarragon and spices
05 October, 2016
Both mushroom and tarragon occupy special place in Georgian cuisine. They are widely used for preparing various dishes. It is noteworthy that they splendidly pair with each other and form incredible dishes.


100g of onion
300g of button mushroom or any type
60g of tarragon
A bunch of parsley and coriander
20g of butter
Salt and pepper to taste
15g of oil
4-5 grains of black pepper
2 bay leaves
Ground cumin to taste


Give mushrooms a
quick rinse under hot water. Add black pepper grains, bay leaves and celery to the hot water as well. Drain mushroom, cut in two pieces and fry in the oily pan. Fry finely chopped onion in butter and season. Finely chop tarragon leaves, parsley and coriander. Mix fried mushroom, chopped greens and roasted onion well, add salt, pepper, cumin and simmer in butter for 10-15 minutes.

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