Tatara – Georgian grape pudding
14 October, 2016
Tatara is a delicious Georgian grape pudding, similar to pelamushi. Although they look the same, yet they differ in taste. Tatara is made only from wheat flour, while pelamushi is prepared either with corn flour or with mix of them. In order to get perfect tatara or pelamushi, it is important to use good quality natural badagi, thick grape juice. Here we offer a very simple recipe of tatara that will certainly please you and your family or friends. As
for the color of tatara, it depends on what sort of grape juice you use.


1 l badagi (sweet thick grape juice)
50 g flour
Sugar to your taste
Walnuts for serving


Mix badagi and flour using blender. If you don’t have badagi, use ordinary grape juice and boil it until it thickens and half of it is left. Pour the mixture in the heavy saucepan with a thick bottom and put on the stove at low heat, continuously mixing with wooden spoon. When tatara thickens and starts to boil, add sugar to your taste. Mix well and let tatara simmer for extra 3-5 minutes. Pour ready tatara on the plate or any kind of mold and garnish with chopped walnut. You can serve it warm or cooled; it is up to one’s taste. If you dip threaded walnuts into tatara and let it cool down, you will get yet another Georgian treat named churchkhela.

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