Chashushuli – Georgian beef stew with tomato
20 October, 2016
Chashushuli is a delicious Georgina beef stew with tomato and spices. The name of the dish speaks for itself, since chashushuli means stewed in Georgia. This hearty dish is ideal to consume on cold rainy days with a good loaf of Georgian bread shoti. Read recipe and make some chashushuli for yourself.


600g beef
1-2 onions
3-4 tomatoes
1 chili pepper
1-2 bay leaves
Coriander,redrubin, parsley.


Slice meat in long thin pieces, chop up onions and
fry them in oily pan at low heat. Add water little by little and simmer. If water evaporates and meat is not cooked yet, add more water. As soon as meat is ready add peeled, chopped tomato, bay leave, crushed garlic and all the spices. Mix well and simmer the dish for 10-15 minutes. At final stage, season and add finely chopped parsley to chashushuli.

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