Georgian Argo Bakery listed among Chicago’s 10 outstanding international bakeries
27 October, 2016
Georgian Argo Bakery named after famous legend of Argonauts who traveled to Georgia’s Colchis kingdom, was included among 10 outstanding international bakeries in Chicago. It is noteworthy that Georgian bakery where one can try typical Georgian pastry and treats was ranked number one in the list. Here is what the article says:

"Chicago's dining scene is second to none, thanks in large part to the city's diversity. Many different cultures comprise our neighborhoods and w
ith it, lots of variety when it comes to food.From Chinese and Indian to Mexican and Georgian, the dizzying array of delights comes from all corners of the globe. They're tasty, inexpensive and might even provide a much-needed sugar rush. It's a pretty sweet deal, no matter your background.

1 Argo Georgian Bakery

Out in West Rogers Park, residents are savoring Georgian breads and pastries from this neighborhood gem. A traditional dome-shaped oven sits in the middle of the room, producing lots of simple but delicious carb-y snacks. Highlights include khachapuri, bread filled with cheeses; tapluna, a baklava-like pastry; and a medley of fruit pies."

2812 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL, 60659
(773) 764-6322

Georgian puff pastry khacahpuri

Georgian dumpling khinkali

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