Georgian blackberry sauce – Perfect addition to your dish
31 October, 2016
Blackberry sauce is a popular Georgian dressing made from fresh blackberries and spices. The sauce is widely used for various dishes, especially with fried chicken,trout, salmon or beef. But it can be consumed with salad, other types of meat or with baked vegetables as well.


500 g blackberry
3 cloves of garlic
1/4 teaspoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon Khmeli suneli is a traditional Georgian spice mix (coriander, dill, basil, bay leaf, marjoram, blue fenugreek, parsley, safflower)


Smash ripe black berries. Strain the juice through a sieve in order to remove seeds. Crush garlic together with salt and add to the blackberry sauce. Add spices, crushed fresh coriander to the sauce and mix well. The sauce should simultaneously have sweet-bitter taste. If the blackberry is not sweet enough, you can add little bit of sugar to the sauce. Black berry sauce goes well with fried and boiled meet as well as with fish.

ნახეთ ქართული ვერსია

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