Delicious process: Preparing famous Georgian candy churchkhela
02 November, 2016
Georgian candy churchkhela, also known as Georgian Snickers, is widely popular with locals and especially with tourists. The sweet sausage-shaped candy is made from walnuts and natural grape juice. Every newcomer or a tourist grabs few churchkhelas to bring back home as a present. Once you sample it, you will hardly resist the temptation to eat it any time you get a chance. But keep in mind, that the treat contains lots of calories, so you have to try to
control your appetite. Beside walnuts, the sweet staple can be made from nuts and almonds as well. It is noteworthy that Georgian warriors used to take churchkela along and consume it, since it is a great source of energy and can be kept for several weeks and even months. Yet, it is better to consume fresh until it is soft and tender.

This video features how churchkhela is prepared in the countryside by locals. A woman dips walnuts threaded onto rope in tatara (sweet grape pudding made from grape juice and flour). Here you can check out the recipe of an ideal traditional Georgian candy.

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