Machari – New wine fermentation process in kvevri
03 November, 2016
Machari in Georgian is the name for new wine, when the pressed grape juice reaches the condition of fermentation. Machari has intensive aroma and sweet taste. According to traditional Georgian method of winemaking, pressed grape juice, skins, stems and seeds are poured into kvevri (Georgian clay vessel buried in the ground, with only a nozzle sticking out) and stirred four or six times a day for three to five months. Also it is a common tradition to mark the birth
of a boy to a Georgian family by placing new kvevri with new wine to the ground. That same vessel is only opened on the boy’s wedding day. This footage features the fermentation process in kvevri and how grape juice transforms into machari. Machari is often served at the table as well and consumed as a sparkling sweet juice before it transforms into a wine.

Video courtesy of Giorgi Enuqashvili