How much Georgian products cost on Amazon
10 November, 2016
Many Georgian products have earned international recognition and demand on them is increasing day by day. Georgian natural sour plum sauce tkemali is replacing ketchup while walnut candy churchkhela appears a healthy alternative to Snickers in many countries around the world. Some of the products are already being imported in small amounts to some countries, yet it is still difficult to find them in local stores. But fortunately, there is another way to get Georgian sauce, candy and many other
stuff of one’s choice through online shopping. Georgian churchkhela, (candy made with grape juice and walnuts), spices, traditional white cherry and walnut jams, svanuri salt (salt mixed with spices from Georgia’s mountainous region) tkemali ,gozinaki (Georgian New Year candy with honey and roasted walnuts) mineral waters Borjomi and Nabeglavi and even jonjoli (capers in brine) are already available on So those who miss Georgian flavor and cuisine can order product of one’s favorite treat without coming to Georgia. One can buy churchkhela for 17. 95 USD , tkemali for 6. 98 and svanuri salt – 7. 99 USD, while gozinkai is available at $27.98 + $11.60 shipping.





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