Pickled grapes with tarragon – Unusual Georgian appetizer
16 November, 2016
Georgian cuisine is rich in various kinds of pickled products. Apart from pickles, pickled tomatoes, cabbage and jonjoli and pickled sprouts from a bush, perhaps few of you have heard that there exist pickled grapes as well. Strange as it may sound, the very first famous Georgian woman cook Barbare Jorjadze has the recipe of pickled grapes included in her cook book as well. If you have never had a chance to taste it, follow this recipe and prepare some
sweet-sour grapes for yourself:


2 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoon honey
200 g vinegar
250 g grape plucked from stems


Mix sugar, honey, salt and vinegar together. Boil the mixture. Meanwhile fill clean jars with grapes and tarragon leaves and pour the marinade over. Let them cool and keep in the fridge for at least 2 weeks before consuming. You can enjoy pickled grapes on their own or prepare salads and snacks. Pickled grapes will pair fried meat, cheese, ham and sandwiches.
ნახეთ ქართული ვერსია

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