Top 14 vegetarian Georgian dishes to try
29 November, 2016
Georgian cuisine is rich in various kinds of dishes, starting with hearty meat and cheesy foods ending with simplest and tastiest veggie meals full of essential nutrients. Georgia is one of the oldest Christian nations so part of the population is on fast during one third of the year. Perhaps this is the reason why we have such a big variety of meatless food, or maybe because vegetables grown on this soil have such unusual and rich taste, that dishes made
plainly from these products possess incredible flavor that may bound anyone to Georgia and its cuisine forever. In order to save your time and make it easy for you to make an order at restaurant, we offer top vegan and vegetarian dishes that one can enjoy in Georgia. So let’s start.

1.Nigvzinai badrijani – Eggplant rolls with walnut
The favorite and most frequently ordered Georgian vegan dish among tourists is Nigvziani badrijani (Eggplant stuffed with walnut), so leaving Georgia without sampling it will be a real crime. Many dishes are made with this vegetable; however eggplant with walnuts is considered the king of Georgian cold dishes.

2.Lobio – Beans with walnuts
(bean in Georgian), a kind of thick soup flavored with various herbs and spices to make a rather unique dish that is often eaten with Georgian bread, mchadi (corn bread) or ghomi (cornmeal).

3.Mchadi – Georgian cornbread
Mchadi is a traditional dish from Georgia. It is usually eaten with cheese, lobio (beans) and other relish.

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4.Lobiani– Georgian bean filled round pie
Lobiani is enjoyed all year round and especially eaten on the Georgian holiday Barbaroba, or St. Barbara’s Day (December 17) and during the fast. It is delicious bean filled bread or pie.

5. Pkhali - Georgian Spinach dip with walnuts
is yet another most beloved and rare dish for foreign guests. Many people, including famous actor Alan Rickman, named it as his favorite Georgian dish. The meal is prepared with spinach and walnuts and it is extremely tasty.

6. Ajapsandali - Stewed eggplant with tomatoes
Ajapsadali is a summer dish made of from stewed vegetables. There are several ways of prepping Ajapsandali in Georgia. However, the essential ingredients of Ajapsandali are eggplant, tomatoes and pepper.

7.Shilaplavi – Georgian risotto with mushrooms
Shilaplavi is a traditional Georgian dish made with rice, similar to Italian risotto. The dish is usually served at funerals and has a degree of ritualistic significance attributed to it, yet it can be consumed on daily basis as well. There are two versions of shilaplavi: with meat and with mushrooms.

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8. Juicy khinkali with mushrooms and spices
Perhaps you have heard about king of Georgian dishes, famous large dumplings Khinkali. Khinkali originated in the mountainous Georgia and as a rule it is made from beef, pork or lamb, yet if you are vegetarian, do not break your heart, since you can substitute it with khinakli stuffed with cheese, potato or mushrooms. Latter one is most beloved among vegans.

9. Red pepper stuffed with walnuts – Excellent Georgian appetizer
Georgian cuisine is famous for its exquisite and spicy appetizers. One of the most delicious among them is red pepper filled with hearty walnut paste. Read this easy recipe and make red peppers in Georgian style by yourself.

10. Ghomi – Traditional cornmeal dish from Samegrelo
Ghomi is a traditional dish from the Samegrelo region of Georgia. It is cooked from cornmeal and corn flour and often serves as bread for western Georgians. Usually it is consumed with cheese, but it also perfectly goes well with Bazhe - spicy walnut gravyLobio or other Georgian meat dishes as well.

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11.Georgian beetroot salad with tkemali
Beetroot salad
with Georgian plum sauce tkemali is a healthy option filled with essential nutrients and vitamins. Here the key ingredient is Georgian semi sour-sweet sauce that does not resemble any dressing in the world. Sometimes chopped walnuts are also added to the dish to make it more piquant.

12. Mkhlovani – Delicious pie with herb filling
is a Georgian pastry, similar to khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) and lobiani (bread filled with mashed beans), but with a different filling. This round breadlike pastry is usually made in the mountainous regions of Georgia. The dish is made with a mixture of different kinds of herbs and sometimes cheese is added as well.

13. Estragon pie  – Simply delicious
Another beloved and popular dish among Georgians is estragon pie. It can be prepared e plainly with estragon and onion as well as with boiled egg.

14. Tomato-cucumber salad with walnuts - Perfect Georgian appetizer
Tomato cucumber salad
with walnut dressing is a traditional Georgian appetizer. The salad is served at all Georgian restaurants and it’s popular with tourists. The salad is made with fresh delicious Georgian tomatoes, cucumbers and greens. A spicy walnut sauce is the main ingredient, which gives the dish its unique flavor.

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