Vegan dolma with mushroom and cabbage by famous Georgian cook
05 December, 2016
Dolma is a quite widespread dish throughout many countries and Georgia is no exception. Georgian households have adhered to an old tradition of preparing and consuming dolmas up to now. Here the most common type of dolma is cabbage stuffed with minced meat, yet there exists vegan versions using various vegetables as well. Here we present quite an interesting recipe of vegan mushroom dolma by Barbare Jorjadze, famous 19th century Georgian woman cook, who is also considered to be one
of the first Georgian feminists.


5 mushrooms
3 onions
1 cabbage
200 g rice
Tomato sauce or juice
Salt, pepper to taste


Rinse mushrooms well. Then boil them and cut finely. Chop up onions and fry in oily pan together with mushrooms. Meanwhile boil rice in salty water. When rice is well cooked, add mushroom and onion mixture and blend well. Add chopped greens, salt and pepper to the mixture to your preference. Blanch cabbage, let it cool down and gently separate the leaves. Place filling on each leaf and carefully wrap so that to receive dolma. Place dolmas in a saucepan and pour little bit of mushroom broth, cover with lid and let it simmer. When cabbage turns pink, mix one tablespoon of flour together with rest of the broth (you can substitute it with tomato sauce or juice as well. In case with tomato add one table spoon of sugar to tomato sauce) and pour over dolmas. Let the dish simmer and absorb all the juices. You can prepare it both in a saucepan or a frying pan.

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