Vegan satsivi: Mushrooms in walnut sauce
23 December, 2016
Satsivi is a popular Georgian dish prepared especially for New Year and Christmas. Traditionally, it is made with turkey and walnut sauce and is prepared only once a year. Yet one can cook it on ordinary days as well. Here we present a vegan option of satsivi with mushrooms. It is rather easy and almost equally tasty as the traditional one.


300g of mushrooms (pleurotus or champignon)
100g of walnuts
One onion
4 cloves of garlic
1/3 teaspoon of
dried coriander,saffron, khmelisuneli(Georgian spice mix)
Pinch of cinnamon
One cup of mushroom broth
One teaspoon of vinegar
Pomegranate seeds
Black and red pepper, salt to taste


Wash and boil mushrooms to get broth. Meanwhile fry finely chopped onion in oily pan and blend together garlic, walnuts and spices using food processor or blender. Pour the walnut mixture to the mushrooms. Mix up all ingredients well and let the mushroom sauce simmer for few minutes.Regulate thickness of the sauce by adding mushroom broth. Garnish the dish with fresh pomegranate seeds. The dish can be consumed both warm and cold together with ghomi (Georgian cornmeal), mchadi (cornbread), or with shoti (Georgian bread).
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