Gozinaki balls – Extraordinary version of Georgian New Year candy
27 December, 2016
Gozinaki is a traditional Georgian candy made with natural honey and walnuts that as a rule, is served at New Year and Christmas. Usually this delicious treat is flattened, cut into rombs and served on a plate, but if you want to experiment and try something new, then we offer a modern version of gozinaki in the shape of balls.


Walnuts -700 g
Honey - 480 g


Roast walnuts on pan or bake in the oven until golden
brown for 5-7 minutes. Meanwhile melt honey in the pan until it starts to boil. ( In contrast to traditional method of making gozinaki, not to let the honey boil; otherwise it loses all its essential benefits and hardens ). Stir honey with wooden spoon and when it is about to boil, remove it from the fire, let it cool down and put it back on fire. Repeat this procedure three times to allow the honey to thicken well. Cut roasted walnuts and pour them to the honey into the pan. Stir for 3-4 minutes so that all walnuts are covered in honey well and when the mixture turns golden brown remove it from pan and transfer gozinaki to wet wooden desk. Let it slightly cool down and shape small balls each of diameter 4 cm. Place gozinaki balls on place and sprinkle with powdered sugar, it will make the sweets look more festive and appetizing.
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