Most amazing cheese boats served in Georgian restaurant in NY
23 February, 2017
Georgian boat-shaped cheese bread named Adjaruli Khachapuri is not only Georgians’ beloved dish but now has already become a favorite dish of many people internationally. As it turns out, Georgian restaurant Cheeseboat in Brooklyn, NY named, after this iconic dish, serves one of the most delicious and mind-blowing cheese breads with stretchy cheese fillings of various flavors. A popular Facebook page INSIDER Cheese paid a visit to the restaurant in order to introduce this incredibly tasty cheese bread to the
world. INSIDER Cheese’s video of cheese boat accumulated more than 3 million views on social media and has been shared by nearly 34,542 people as of now.

“Georgian restaurant Cheeseboat in Brooklyn, NY makes a cauldron of cheese, egg, and butter! It's basically like fondue but it's better, because there's no bowl”, - INSIDER Cheese reports.
The INSIDER team was hosted by the restaurant’s owner Netty Davitashvili and Georgian Chef Dima Molashvili.

Video produced and edited by The Crepes of Wrath.