Grappa – Georgian chacha’s Italian brother
28 February, 2017
Grappa is an Italian alcoholic beverage, very much resembling Georgian chacha with its taste and composition. Some even believe that there is absolutely no difference between grappa and chacha but the fact is the Italian version is prepared with totally different variety of grapes than its Georgian brother and that makes its flavor slightly different. The principal difference between these two drinks is that chacha is prepared with pressed grape skins and grappa is the result of wine distillation.

to the old Tuscan tradition of making grappa, the wine chosen for that purpose is kept untouched for the whole winter and in the early spring the distillation begins. When the wine is ready to begin the process, it is poured into a big cooking pot and added some sugar.

As in the case of chacha, nobody is quite sure when was grappa made for the first time. We only know that the name derives from the town called Bassano-del-Grappa.


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