How to prepare the delicious Rachan Shkmeruli and combine it with wine
09 March, 2017
Shkmeruli (roast chicken in garlic sauce) is a very old Rachan dish and it is one of the most popular dishes in Georgian restaurants. It has to be noted that the name derives from one of the villages in Racha region of Georgia, Shkmeri, which is said to be the place where this food has originated.


1 kilogram of chicken
1 tablespoonful of pressed garlic
250 ml of milk
Salt to your taste


Clean well a chicken, cut it
in half and add salt to both halves. Put them on the buttered frying pan, on the high heat, skins down, so that they fry well. Put a heavy, preferably a cast iron cover on the frying pan. Its diameter must be a little less than that of the pan. If you don’t have a cast iron cover, take any other but put a heavy object on top of it.

In 6-7 minutes check the chicken and if the skins are well fried, turn the halves around and put the heavy cover on the pan again.

Take the fried chicken out of the pan and cut it in several pieces, then put them on the clay pan. On the pan where the chicken was fried, you can put the pressed garlic and fry it well. The garlic has to produce the juice. That means it has to be pressed, not just cut. Be careful not to over-fry the garlic. When it changes the color, pour one glass of milk (if you don’t like milk, you can add water or cream), boil for a couple of minutes and pour the substance onto the chicken. Shkmeruli is ready to be served!

Pairing with wine

Shkmeruli contains large amount of garlic and that means it is quite difficult to pair this dish with wine. Normally people like to combine it with stronger drinks, like vodka or chacha. However, the Rachans often pair it with dry Mujuretuli or Alexandrouli. These varieties of grapes are used to make sweet or semi-sweet wines like Khvanchkara, but it is not preferable to combine it with shkmeruli.


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