Which Georgian wines combine well with pastry
24 April, 2017
If you want to combine wine with pastry, you have to know that this is a quite complicated process because dishes that contain dough are not all identical.

It is a well known fact that khinkali goes best with vodka or chacha. However, there are people who prefer intensive highly alcoholic white wine with these traditional Georgian dumplings. In Kakheti most of the people think that khinkali will be a lot more delicious if combined with Rkatsiteli.

If we talk
about various kinds of khachapuri that contain yeast and cheese, it is best to pair them with Imeretian Tsolikouri or Kartlian Chinuri.
As for Rachan lobiani with ham, it would be better to adhere to the so-called ‘regional combination’ or food and wine, which means it is good to combine this delicious dish with Rachan Khvanchkara.
As far as kada and pkhlovani (also called mkhlovani) are concerned, you don’t have to think much as it is best to choose Kakhetian Rkatsiteli in this case. Generally, this wine is universal and pairs well with various kinds of food.

Source: Allwines .ge

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