Georgian restaurant opens in Amsterdam
27 April, 2017
Georgian cuisine is spreading all across the world and captivating food enthusiast with is distinctive flavor. Yet another Georgian cuisine corner has emerged in Europe. “Batoni Khinkali” (Mr. Khinkali) this is how newly opened Georgian restaurant in Amsterdam, Holland, is called. What is important, the person behind little Georgia in Amsterdam is a world-famous and extremely successful Georgian musician Levan Tskhadadze.
Levan Tskhadadze
“We opened the restaurant on March 4. Amsterdam is one of the densest cities in the world,
so finding a right location for the venue is not so easy. Yet, we were fortunate enough that our restaurant ended up at one of the most favorite squares for the locals, Beukenplein”, - Owner of the restaurant said.

“It should be noted that Georgians as well as customers from neighboring countries frequently visit us. Basically our main customers are Dutch youth and local inhabitants who live close to our restaurant. “ As founder of the restaurant said, everyone likes Khinkali (Georgian dumpling). “Some of the customers who have travelled to Georgia are already familiar with this dish, so it not a novelty for them. As for those, who have not heard about Georgian style dumplings, we explain to them what Khinkali is”, - LevanTskhadadze noted.

Apart from Khinkali, the restaurant offers its customers a variety of other Georgian dishes such as: mushrooms, different kinds of herb dips (pkhali), famous boat-shaped Adjarian khachapuri, act. On weekends special dishes are added to the general menu as well.