Georgian wine among world’s 10 Best Natural Wines Under $40
15 May, 2017
Esquire, a well-known American magazine, has named Georgian Tavkveri among the best natural wines in the world. The top-10 was comprised of wines that cost more than $40 per bottle.

“They're unfiltered. Iconoclastic. Made the way Roman emperors like wine: funkier, fresher, earthier. With practically nothing added or taken away, natural wines aim for a level of terroir that mass-produced stuff could only dream of.

Here are 10 bottles of natural wine—from France, Spain, Austria, Georgia, Australia, Italy, and the
U.S.—to try. All (but one) are under $40. Time to change up your palate”, the Esquire says.

Esquire has named red dry Tavkveri of 2013 harvest made by an American winemaker, John Wurdeman and his company called “Pheasant’s tears.” Alcoholic content of this wine is 12%. This type of wine is produced from the grape variety found in Shida Kartli region of eastern Georgia.

“A light, bright, and floral red, this tavkveri is made in clay vessels lined with beeswax and completely buried under the earth to coolly ferment,” Esquire describes it.

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