Famous Adjaruli Khachapuri featured at Food Network
01 June, 2017
World famous American food channel Food Network published a video recipe of a popular Georgian cheese bread Adjaruli Khachapuri. Boat shaped bread with hearty cheese stuffing is a traditional Georgian dish from country’s Adjara region. Since it is a seaside part of the country the inspiration of the dish came from the sea and fishermen. The shape of the pie resembles a boat while the egg yolk symbolizes sun setting in the sea. Adjaruli Khachapuri has already earned international recognition
and now it can be met in different corners of the world. It is often referred to as Georgian pizza and is thought that it might replace the beloved Italian trademark.

“Georgian Cheese and Egg Bread (Adjaruli Khachapuri) will give you the cheese pull of your dreams.Khachapuri in myriad forms -- all of them some combination of dough and melty cheese -- is the go-to snack of Georgia. Our adjaruli khachapuri is the fun one: diners tear off pieces of the homemade bread canoe to scoop up gobs of bubbly filling, a mix of creamy mozzarella, sharp feta and just-barely-set egg. It makes a great communal snack, or part of a satisfying lunch or dinner with a green salad. And it's simple to make: the yeast dough rises in less than 1 hour and bakes up crisp and tender on a pizza stone in just 15 minutes, - This is how Food Network describes national Georgian dish. The video has already accumulated 1,489,598 Views on social media

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