Adjaruli Khachapuri featured on Tastemade
02 August, 2017
Popular Georgian staple Adrajuli khachapuri has been spotlighted by world-famous culinary website Tastemade. The culinary website made a short video recipe of Adjaruli Khachapuri and published it on social media. The footage has accumulated more than 2.2 Million views and approximately 9,255 shares on Tastemade’s Facebook page. Preparing real Georgian cheese bread requires fresh local ingredinets and special sort of cheese, yet if one cannot get them,
can check out this video and make similar Georgian meal.

For example one can substitute Georgian soft cheese sulguni with the mix mozzarella cheese and ricotta. So, here we offer you the recipe of Adjaruli Khachapuri with Tastemade’s interpretation. Check out the video and try one for yourself.

Khachapuri is a traditional Georgian cheese-filled bread. There are several types of khachapuri from different regions of Georgia: Imeretian (Imeruli) khachapuri, Adjarian (Adjaruli) khachapuri, Gurian (Guruli) khachapuri... But the most popular with foreigners is Adjarian (Adjaruli) Khachapuri, with cheese in the middle and a crust which is ripped off and used to dip in the cheese. The filling contains cheese (fresh or aged, most commonly sulguni), eggs and other ingredients.

The dish originated in the seaside region of Georgia, Adjara. This kind of khachapuri has a boat-like shape and is served with a fresh egg in the middle of cheese along with a generous chunk of butter on the top.

Adjaruli Khachapuri has gone beyond the borders and is served at various restaurants across the world. This delicious Georgian dish is known and loved worldwide.

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